Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening in St. Johns, FL

Many people want a brighter smile, but few teeth-whitening systems can deliver what they promise. If you are interested in the best teeth whitening in St. Johns, FL, look no further than the excellent team at Vitalize Dental. Modern facilities, proven teeth whitening systems, and personalized touch make our practice the perfect place to brighten your smile. Don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Neal Patel and Dr. Alesia Apana to discuss your cosmetic dentistry options.

How It Works

When you visit Vitalize Dental to whiten your teeth, you know you will receive the treatment available. At Vitalize, we use the Glo Science Whitening System and Captivate by Nero Whitening System to restore your pearly whites:

  • The GLO Science Whitening System creates a whiter smile in just minutes. The patented warming heat and LED light technology guarantee fast whitening results without any sensitivity. Furthermore, the Guided Light Optics technology speeds up results by using heat resistors and light reflectors to direct a warming LED light into the whitening gel. This surrounds each tooth with more whitening power and speeds up the process.
  • The Captivate by Nupro Whitening System promises to leave your teeth an average of six shades lighter when applied by your dentist. Further whitening can be achieved by following up with their at-home teeth whitening kit. This technology is clinically proven to whiten teeth, and dramatic results can be seen within as little as 15 minutes. No light activation is required to utilize this technology. It is fast and easy for your near Jacksonville, FL dentist to apply.

Maximize the effectiveness of treatment by avoiding smoking and consuming too much coffee, tea, or red wine. These are the worst culprits for causing dental staining. Following up professional treatments with at-home whitening treatments may also be recommended to help maintain the results for longer.

When to Call the Dentist

Teeth whitening is ideal for those with surface-level staining. To whiten teeth properly, a chemical process is required. When you go to the dentist, this is done using a concentrated solution applied to the teeth. Lights or a heat source can also make the whitening process faster.

Lift Years of Staining in Minutes with Teeth Whitening in St. Johns, FL

At Vitalize Dental, Dr. Patel and Dr. Apana can dramatically brighten your smile with teeth whitening. Call 904-730-1420 or conveniently schedule a consultation online for teeth whitening in St. Johns, FL.