Oral Cancer Screening

Oral Cancer Screening in St. Johns, FL

Cancer is a frightening word for most people. When we hear it, our minds immediately go to those we know who have battled the disease or even died. For many, cancer conjures up images of long and complex treatments, overwhelming emotions, and an uncertain future—one form of cancer that doesn’t get talked about as often as others are oral cancer.

Each year, thousands of Americans are diagnosed with oral cancer. Educating yourself about oral cancer and scheduling oral cancer screenings yearly at general dentistry visits can help protect yourself and your loved ones. At Vitalize Dental, Dr. Neal Patel and Dr. Alesia Apana can help you identify oral cancer symptoms.

When to Call the Dentist

Oral cancer, or mouth cancer, is an abnormal growth in the lips, gums, tongue, cheeks, and roof of the mouth. While oral cancer starts in the mouth, it quickly mutates and spreads to other bodily areas. As an adult, it’s wise to perform self-screenings monthly. Some oral cancer symptoms to be aware of are:
  • Oral sores that don’t seem to heal
  • Growth and lumps under the tongue, along the gum line, or in the cheeks
  • White and reddish patches inside the mouth
  • Discomfort in the mouth or ears
  • Loose teeth
If you notice these oral cancer symptoms, schedule an appointment with your general dentist immediately. Our caring and detail-oriented dentists can provide a second opinion for oral cancer using modern diagnostic tools.  
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How It Works

For starters, Vitalize Dental offers a comprehensive dental check-up which includes a full-mouth examination, X-rays when necessary, and a thorough check for any signs of oral cancer. If any problems are identified, we will devise a treatment plan for you that suits your budget.

After examining your smile, our dental hygienists will perform prophylaxis (or one of the types of dental cleaning designed to prevent disease development). Carefully, they will clean the teeth and along the gumline using specialized tools, leaving patients feeling fresh, invigorated, and ready to smile.

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Our goal is to help you leave your dental cleaning and checkup appointment feeling confident that your oral health is in the best hands with our qualified and highly trained staff. At the end of your appointment, don’t forget to schedule a follow-up dental cleaning and checkup to keep your smile healthy.

Catch Oral Cancer Before It’s Too Late in St. Johns, FL

Keeping the gums, cheeks, and mouth free of cancerous cells is key to maintaining a life of longevity and higher quality. So, if you’re concerned about mouth or gum cancer, learn more about oral cancer screenings in St. Johns, FL, by calling (904) 770-5713 or messaging us online.