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About half of the adult American population struggles with some form of gum disease (and are often unaware that they are suffering from this issue until it’s too late to reverse it). When gum disease is ignored, people put themselves at risk for more severe issues, like gum recession and tooth loss.

Still, you can trust Dr. Neal Patel and Dr. Alesia Apana to reverse gingivitis symptoms as well as offer receding gums treatment and gum disease treatment. Get in touch with the Vitalize Dental team when you require periodontal care in St. Johns, FL

How It Works

As a rule of thumb, more advanced stages of periodontitis require more advanced and frequent treatment since the symptoms become more severe with time. Here are some of the periodontal treatments that Dr. Patel and Dr. Apana offer at Vitalize Dental based on gum disease symptoms:

When to Call the Dentist

Periodontal disease is another name for gum disease. It starts as an infection in the gums and progresses into a more serious issue with time. Since gum disease is such a prevalent issue, it can pay off to understand symptoms so that one can receive periodontal disease treatment as soon as possible:

Stage 1: Gingivitis: Since gingivitis has not yet reached the bone, it is the only reversible stage of gum disease. Some early warning signs include bleeding gums when brushing or flossing, redness, and painful swollen gums.

 Stage 2: Slight Periodontal Disease: Once the infection from gingivitis spreads to the bone, the periodontal-disease pathogens become more aggressive and attack the gums and bones. You might start noticing a receding gum line as the gums pull away from the teeth. While this can be managed through periodontal care, it cannot be reversed.

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Stage 3: Moderate Periodontal Disease: As gum disease progresses, the infection deepens, worsens, and the bacteria continues to attack the gum tissue, bones, bloodstream, and immune system.

Stage 4: Advanced Periodontal Disease: Patients who’ve reached the most advanced stage of gum disease have an increased risk of bone loss. Along with loss, patients with advanced periodontal disease could experience sensitivity to temperature, loose teeth, oozing, infected gums, and discomfort when eating.

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