Botox and Fillers

BOTOX and Fillers in St. Johns, FL

Do you want your skin to look more youthful and relaxed by softening lines and wrinkles? A life of fun and laughter often comes with the associated signs of age – around the mouth in particular – but Dr. Neal Patel and Dr. Alesia Apana can help you turn back the clock. Discuss your BOTOX and filler options with the Vitalize Dental team.

How It Works

The team at Vitalize Dental strives to provide accessible care and will do their best to create a personalized and affordable plan for you. Speak to the team today to discover your options and develop a custom treatment plan that will leave you smiling your best smile with confidence again. Plus, we will discuss the procedural and payment options with you during your consultation.

During treatment, you will likely feel nothing more than a slight pinch, a small amount of pressure, or mild stinging as the product is injected. Our dentists are highly qualified and experienced in giving injections with minimum pain.

Dermal fillers and facial injectables are temporary solutions that instantly improve skin appearance and structural support. They will generally last for between three and six months though they may sometimes last longer. Be sure to discuss the longevity of the injections with our team during your consultation.

When to Call the Dentist

As the skin ages, it loses elasticity, volume, and support. This, in turn, causes the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the face. The lips also start to lose volume and definition.

Anyone who is affected by lines and wrinkles due to aging may consider facial injectables and dermal fillers to help smooth out and revitalize the skin. They can also plump up the lips and cheeks, which both start to lose their definition with age. There is little to no risk with injectables and fillers, and as they are not permanent, you can try the procedure once if unsure.

If you wish to smooth out frown lines and crow’s feet, marionette lines, or plump up your lips, then facial injectables or dermal fillers are something that you should consider. Your dentist is highly trained in facial anatomy and experienced in delivering gentle injections.

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Lift and Sculpt BOTOX and Fillers in St. Johns, FL

At Vitalize Dental, Dr. Patel and Dr. Apana are pleased to offer injectables and can discuss whether you’d benefit from BOTOX and fillers. Call 904-730-1420 or conveniently schedule a consultation online for BOTOX and fillers in St. Johns, FL.