Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers in St. Johns, FL

Your smile is one of the first features that people notice. So, what can you do if your smile doesn’t shine bright or look as perfect as you’d like? Imperfect teeth can be annoying, so Dr. Neal Patel and Dr. Alesia Apana offer porcelain veneers for those that want to correct chipped, uneven, or stained teeth. Speak to the Vitalize Dental team today to arrange a cosmetic dentistry consultation to discuss your options.

How It Works

Veneers are custom-made shells that cover the front of a tooth to mask imperfections and restore a natural-looking appearance. The most common reason people choose to get veneers is to improve the appearance of teeth that are discolored, worn down, crooked, or have large spaces between them without altering the structure of their natural teeth.

To fit your veneers, your dentist will buff the tooth’s surface before securing the veneer in place on the tooth using cement. Light is then used to harden the cement. The veneers will then be secure on the tooth without you having to worry about them coming loose.

If you take good care of your veneers, they will last for many years. Dental veneers do not require any special maintenance. They need to be cleaned just like natural teeth with twice-daily brushing and daily flossing.

However, it would help if you always discussed aftercare with your dentist to get any special tips on maintaining your veneers and having them last as long as possible.

When to Call the Dentist

At Vitalize Dental, we are pleased to offer high-quality dental veneers to repair stained, broken, or slightly misaligned teeth. Imperfect teeth can be a vexing issue, but we can offer veneers to restore your confidence and beautiful smile.

Dr. Patel and Dr. Apana offer traditional porcelain, composite, and Empress brand veneers. Your dentist will discuss the options with you and decide which is the most appropriate for you during your consultation.

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Composite and porcelain are the most common materials used for veneers. These thin, tooth-colored shells will be bonded to the front of the tooth using resin cement, leaving an extremely durable new surface on your tooth.

Conversely, empress brand veneers are a skinny type of veneer made from pressed ceramic. Because they are so thin, they can be applied with minimal resurfacing or reshaping of the tooth required.

Quickly Upgrade Your Smile with Porcelain Veneers in St. Johns, FL

At Vitalize Dental, Dr. Patel and Dr. Apana can successfully address most aesthetic issues through porcelain veneers. Call 904-730-1420 or conveniently schedule a consultation online for porcelain veneers in St. Johns, FL.