How to Tell It’s Time for Wisdom Tooth Removal

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How to Tell It’s Time for Wisdom Tooth Removal

Ah, the wisdom teeth – an exciting milestone in the adolescent to young adult transition, bringing new worries and questions about what it means for your dental health. It can be intimidating to go from simply brushing and flossing regularly to being faced with a possible surgery involving one of your mouth’s most sensitive areas.

How do you know if and when it’s time to remove those pesky wisdom teeth? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through how to tackle this issue head-on! If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, talk to Vitalize Dental about wisdom tooth removal in St. Johns, FL.

Are you in your late teens or early 20s?

Wisdom teeth are the third molars that usually emerge between ages 15 and 25 and are the last permanent teeth to grow, appearing after all other teeth are in place. Unfortunately, their arrival may cause issues that lead to severe discomfort.

Does your mouth feel crowded?

When wisdom teeth grow, they can pressure surrounding teeth, causing crowding. Gums and jaw muscles can become swollen, and you may even have trouble eating and speaking due to your swollen tongue. As you can imagine, all this crowding can feel unbearable.

Are your gums swollen or red?

Like most injuries, wisdom teeth can cause redness, tenderness, and swelling. These symptoms occur due to stress in the body and may cause difficulties with everyday activities like chewing.

Do you have the dreaded “chipmunk cheeks?”

Swelling in the jaw can be caused by pain, pressure, or overcrowding. You might also see your cheekbones and other parts of your face swell, making you look like a chipmunk. Swelling may or may not come with discomfort.

Does your jaw hurt?

When wisdom teeth grow in the wrong direction, they pressure the surrounding teeth and jawline, resulting in discomfort and pain. This pain may intensify as wisdom teeth contact underlying facial nerves and bones.

Is your breath rancid?

Foul breath may be a symptom of a deeper dental issue. Bacteria create waste when they multiply, which has a hideous smell. If food particles become trapped under gum flaps created by wisdom teeth, bacteria can grow unchecked and contribute to bad breath.

Is it time for wisdom teeth removal in St. Johns, FL?

Wisdom teeth removal can help give you a smile you deserve and alleviate the pain associated with overcrowded teeth that don’t have enough space in your mouth. Although it can be difficult and scary, Vitalize Dental offers this standard procedure and will take great care of you.

From age to crowding to swollen gums or cheeks, lousy breath, or jaw pain, these signs point toward needing wisdom teeth removal. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, contact our St. Johns dentists by calling (904) 730-1420 to schedule an appointment to discuss your options for wisdom tooth removal. You owe it to yourself to receive the oral health care that will ultimately leave you feeling more confident and comfortable about your smile!